Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Jan 14th

Quick post for today...sitting at an internet cafe, can't use my computer anymore...blasted viruses!

Here's a hint for those of you considering coming to South America (and I just KNOW many of you WILL once you have a place to stay! ) Make sure you get your vaccinations and make sure you carry medication to treat a condition called "altitude sickness." My own physician in Halifax is a well travelled woman, and made sure I brought what she calls a "Z-Pack" with me...thank GOD!! This thing hit me a couple of days ago, and OOOHHH MY, just imagine the worst flu you've ever had, coupled with constant headache and coughing, and shortness of breath just walking from your bedroom to the bathroom. I knew what it was as soon as it hit, as she'd prepared me well to recognize the symptoms, so I started the meds right away, and within about 48 hours or so, I was feeling better. This affliction occurs most commonly in folks who live at low altitudes...and since Halifax is right AT sea level, I suppose I was a prime candidate...lucky 'eh? Oh well, it's all part of the experience!

This afternoon I'm making my way downtown, hopefully to catch a glimpse of el presidente, but with the number of police about today, I doubt I'll get anywhere near. Oh well, have to try at least.

I've moved into my new apartment from the hostel, and just LOVE it. It's actually not the one I'd originally booked, which was a 2 br condo in a huge building. Lots of ex-pats I've met suggested I might feel a bit isolated, travelling and living alone. So I took their advice, and found a beautiful huge 1 bedroom apartment in a private home in an upscale neighbourhood... completely private... nicely furnished, all modern conveniences...right across the street from the Tarqui River. The family consists of a Cuencana Mom, an American Dad, and two delightful perfectly bilingual children, who help me immeasurably trying to figure things, f'rinstance, shopping for groceries and not having a CLUE what I'm buying! If they hadn't been with me, who KNOWS what I'd be eating! The children derive great amusement from my pathetic attempts to speak Spanish, but have promised to help me when my lessons start next week.

More adventures to come as I head out next week for a three-community to visit an orchid farm, one to visit a crafts cooperative in another town, and one to visit a village that's apparently the centre of silver jewelry making in the area. Visiting the orchid farm brings me back to a memory when a friend and I were travelling in France, and I HAD to visit Monet's gardens. He was, shall we say, LESS than impressed.."Yep, this is just what I want to do, look at flowers in the rain when we're in Paris!" Fun memory though .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite son-in-law, Michael, who'll celebrate tomorrow! I am SO looking forward to spending a couple of weeks with him, my daughter, and my four busy grand-boys in March!

Hope all's well in your little corner of the world. Please leave me a HELLO if you stop by...English words from friends...such a treat!


  1. Hi Deb !

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound and have
    recovered from your bout of altitude sickness.

    It's -13 here at home right now (about -20 with the windchill) Do you have a spare sofa at your apartment ? lol

    Look forward to your next post.

    Mike & Brad

    PS - Have to post as anonymous since I have no idea what Wordpress or OpneIdea are !! Your techno-peasant buddy - Mike

  2. The altitude sickness sounds awful; so glad you were prepared for it! Other than that, sounds just wonderful! Mike took the boys snowboarding at a local haunt. It is -18 here today; -29 with the windchill. The boys loved it. Me, indoors, baking up a storm :)

    Looking forward to seeing the orchids and reading about the crafty visits!

  3. Hi Deborah! Glad you are acclimatizing, and geting over the "cultural/altitude shock"!! Am interested in the "alititude sickness part... as a hyperbaric physician, I must admit that I'm off the curve here.. an *antibiotic* (Zithromycin) for a condition induced by low oxygen perssuress at altitutde? WOW.... what hath God wrought?

    Are at alake this weekend, stayed Sunday night for the "full effect", and are driving in to work Monday will certainly be thinking of you..... best wishes,


  4. Hi Deborah, great to hear from you! Keep the the info coming we are njoying it immensley!
    Best, Sheena and Gerald

  5. Wow, your doctor is one smart cookies! Who, would have thunk! Glad you are over the worst and getting out and about. It all sounds so exciting! Keep the postings coming.

    BTW, we are pretty snowed in here in Victoria. Just thought you'd like that bit of info. Have a good laugh.


  6. Hi Deb, my oh my, I am so enjoying you're blog, speaking Spanish, you are so brave, would love to be there, so glad Heather got you organised before you left, glad you are on the mend and have a nice place to live, take care, Reg.

  7. Thanks goodness your blog is working again. Was down all day yesterday here. Maybe part of the wikapedia black out thing. But all good now.

  8. You sound wonderful and I am very happy to have a quick minute to tell you so! Looking forward to our visit on your return. Love and hugs, keep adventuring you are such an inspiration! Jerusha